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Great deals on Magazine Subscriptions

Keep up on all the latest Mac, iPod and iPhone gadgets and inventions with a subscription to MacLife.  The price starts out 79% below suggest retail price price and then your receive $5 off at checkout.  Making this an amazing deal for one the premiere Mac magazines.

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Amazon’s september deal to sell 50 albums for $5 each.  There are some really good albums, but most are a littler older or not quite mainstream.  The selection is good and there is definitely something for everyone.  Editors Note: We aren’t getting paid by Amazon we just love it.

Amazon 50 for 5

Sometimes your awesome, sometimes your not, but tph is always awesome.  We have gathered the best blog posts for this week.  So dig in to a heaping plate of the best that the blogging world has to offer.

Engadget: Life Altering 3D projection

CNET: Cisco Looks to ride smart grid

TechNewsWorld: Microsoft forges new security tools

TechCrunch: Ebay in litigation with skype founders

PhysOrg: Transparent aluminium is ‘new state of matter’

Frogumblelog: Birthday Message

Technorati: Textron unit to develop laser weapons

Gawker: Drunken Man-Beast Collapses on Wall Street

The best of the blogs for this week is hitting hard with with game publishers loosing their marbles, 120,000 year old microbes getting revived ( ie mutant dinosaurs viruses will kill us all ) , iphone news and more.  So if your wife kicked you out and you had to sleep in the park, or if you were just too busy to see everything, checkout  the best of the blogs for the week of June 19, 2009.

Engadget: How to tether you Iphone with the 3.0 software

LifeHacker: Songbird 1.2 Integrates into iTunes and ipod

Gizmodo: The biggest game publisher threatens to ditch psp and ps3

Gizmodo: $100 Blu-Ray Player for Fathers day

RockPaperShotgun: What’s going with the Ghost Busters Game

Scientific American: Virus hits Genzyme plant halting production of orphan drugs

National Geographic: 120,000 year old Microbes Revived

la times: crysler news

engadget: iphone 3.o os

Geekologie: Guy Makes Own Wolverine Claws ( Video )

Gadget Venue: Pen and Paper Twitter for Grandma

LifeHacker: Epicurious App puts Entire Cookbook in the Paml of Your Hand

SuperHeroHype:  Deadpool Spinoff Moving Forward

If you have been tuned out all weak fear not!  We are keeping up for you, so sit back , relax, and enjoy the best of the blogs for the week May 1,2009.  Your secret ingredient is ” Devil Worshipping Mega Fail”.  BEGINNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Engadget: usb 3.0 is out a year early

LA Times: Crysler stikes a deal

Mashable: Microsoft still wants to pare up with yahoo

NewYork Times: 100 DVDs on one disc

Geekologie: Scientists Create Gel that moves on it’s own

Geekologie: Devil Worshiping Mega Fail

For The ovious reason , I haven’t the money , I already own a DS , Why would I need a another one ? . And the last reason I’m not getting a DSI , it wont play GBA Games . So What if It has a camera or 2 . Unless it’s going to play new DS Games that wont be backwards compatible with my original DS , I ant buying it , at least right now .

I bet the camera built into the DSi is only 1 or 2 Mega Pixels , heck a cheap cell phone can do that , Nintendo could have made the DSi have a SD card slot for listening to MP3 audio or maybe a movie player function for watching small mp4 videos .

All I’m saying is I’m not buying one , unless it has cool new features my DS currently doesn’t have.

Engadget: Pirates bay founders going to prison

LA Times: YouTube unveils new section for TV episodes and movies

The Korea Times: South Korea Turning Into Internet Police State?

Open Source with Chris Lydon:  Darfur: Mahmood Mamdani

Softpedia:iPhone, & possibly iPodTouch Breach

Geekologie:Robot Dinos Shoot Beam When They Roar

Geekologie: Man Grows Small Fir Tree In Lung

All online storage sites should at least give you 1GB for free. I believe the web is becoming more complex and people want to share more complex files. With HD content becoming more available thanks to the SD markII and more people are shooting raw photos , it makes sense to have more room for storing pictures. Web Pages are no longer just places to read info , more and more people are using them as a way to connect with family and friends, media is a big part of that . I’m tired of these sites like Flickr and that only give you 100MB of free space. Google gives you more on gmail and picasa web albums . Why should I pay for more space on Flickr or ? also seems to only allow it’s free service for one year wtf ? Now unless i read the fine print wrong , this is a idea sucks. Perhaps is better suited for short term storage .

I prefer it allows a lot of room for free. Now i am not sure , but the last conversation I had with the guy who runs it , said to keep it under 1GB. I suppose he means the total amount of space , but he could also mean the file size . Anyways , I suppose e if you look hard enough you can find more space for free , but the 100MB spaces need to grow .

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