In the most recent episode of TWIST Jason asked listeners/watchers to review the episode and the winner would get a $500 apple gift card.  If that isn’t incentive I don’t know what is.


If you are interested in entrepreneurship and company start-up this is the podcast for you, as the name This Week in Startups implies.  I found episode 13 to be full of useful information not only for people in business, but also for anyone that is interested how businesses work and are started.  I also found the advice given on how to develop ideas especially useful.  To be honest there are currently tons of resources to learn about getting angel investments and how to start up companies, but there is a huge void in how one should develop their ideas into a business.  I believe this is where TWIST and particularly episode 13 really shines.   The information shared is information that you can find no where else.   The audience interaction is also very unique.  Jason allows us normal people to call in with ideas and has the ability to gently and concisely provide helpful feedback.

Problem areas for content in this episode include a bit of rambling, shear amount of information, and keeping the callers on track.  The rambling wouldn’t be a huge issue for a podcast that is only 15 – 30 minutes, but episode 13 clocked in at a little over 2 hours.  For most people it’s extremely difficult to endure anything over an hour and then adding non show related content almost makes you want to turn it off at some points in the show.  The show also included too many different segments, it could easily be broken down into three or four podcasts; Audience Q & A,  guest interview, industry news, and Jason just talking about stuff.   I am sure if one wanted to they could break it down even further.   Finally, I found some of the audience calls, including the shark tank, to be slightly annoying.  Especially, the last guy that would not shut about vivolve, but I guess since I remember the name he did a good job…

Production Values

The audio quality and music were really great, there is nothing worse than listening to a podcast with pops and crackles interjecting ever so often to take you out of the experience.  I like the music choice and the little insights from Tyler jingle.  I did not like the editing; this podcast could have been far more enjoyable with better editing choices. Future episodes of TWIST should edit out a lot of the nonsense and mistakes that occurred throughout episode 13.  Editing can provide a huge benefit to overall  quality by breaking the segments up into well defined units and adding more professional bumpers and jingles with better transitions.


While from a technical prospective TWIST can’t compete with juggernauts like the Totally Rad Show or TWIT,  Episode 13 and TWIST in general has information that can be found no where else.  It is invaluable for anyone that would like to know about entrepreneurship, business, and managing their ideas into fruition.   Even thought TWIST is apparently profitable, it is a community service.  The information and advice that Jason gives could cost a fortune if garnered from another source, but Jason is basically providing anyone this information for free.

Check out TWIST 13