In the world of marketing  the term HD and High Definition have become very popular.  So popular in fact that it is constantly being used where it does not apply.  With this in mind I created a quick round up of the most ridiculous HD thingies, gadgets, and whatsamahoosers.
HD Sunglass

-For those of you that find real life to be fuzzy, over pixelated, or just have unexplainable underwhelming clarity, HD sunglasses will take  the terrible standard Definition most people use to see things and take your vision into the 4th dimension.  Were things look even more real than reality itself.’


HD Makeup

– From the insanely clever blog tong-in-chic  , get it? Iit’s a play on words.  Lol, I almost fell over.   Anyway, is your face still in 720P ? Do your friends laugh and point at your low quality face.  You may need some high definition makeup.


HD Hair

– Obvisouly, if your looking at yourself with high definition sun glasses why wouldn’t you upgrade to HD hair.   Standard Def hair looses up to 30% of the data that’s actually there do to compression techniques used to fit all the exciting action of hair on to one standard head.  Hd hair uses zero compression and even provides better sound.


Jack Black High Definition Hair Pomade

– Do I really need to say anything