The more time goes by the more we seem to learn about the swine Flu, and one thing we are learning is that if I keep saying swine Flu and comparing it to the avian Flu people listen. Let me repeat that one more time,  swine Flu is worse than avian bird flu, which turned out to be nothing. As hard as it may be to believe,  we can now blame the swine Flu for the economic recession, most forms of cancer, and illegal immigration it is true.

I know because people on Twitter told me so and that my friend is a first hand account.  Apparently, decent medical care can prevent death and most negative symptoms from the swine Flu, but we must remain alarmist. If we do not continue to be worry we will then have to go back to talking about things that generate less ratings! Although no one in the US has died, you might die. Die die die! It is possible,  remain extremely alarmed and never stop watching the news.

This just in, only tenpoundhammer readers will remain safe from the swine Flu, but you must never leave the webpage. Unless you are surfing other web sites to give tph more links.  If you aren’t completely freaked about a swine Flu pandemic che ck out these links.

Google map of the Swine Flu ,  Extermeley VALID Scenarios on where the Swine Flu Originated,  or the ultimate SWINE FLU DEATHS.  It’s alarming to think that the number of deaths swine Flu cases overall will one day, maybe even in weeks,  over shadow the number of deaths caused by the drug cartels daily.  It’s just a good thing Mexico is finely standing up to save their people, and maybe if we are lucky the swine Flu will kill all the drug cartels ?  There’s one problem solved.

All in all,  it looks like everyone on the planet will die anytime now.  So, I am going to take out a home loan and spend all the money on water bottles, hazmat suits, canned food, and ammo.  Lots of ammo for all my guns.  Oh, and I forgot to mention Swine Flu is worse than Avian flu, see you all on the other side!