Apple’s iTunes has become the bloated wheezing dog bound to be taken into pa’s field and shot. Of course this isn’t for the sake of the animal, but mostly for everyone around the animal.  iTunes much like many other popular applications has grown to epic proportions, while not adding many features.  iTunes 8 is now a 64 mb download,  this is something that organizes music, 64 megs is just ridiculous.  Songbird my favorite is 16.7 mb, Winamp is 10.8 mb, and real player 11 15.1 mb.  I understand that iTunes has more features than these other offerings but nothing to justify that large of a size.  The size of iTunes is made even worse by the updates and the fact that you also have to install quicktime, increasing the size even more.  The updates are naggie and not user friendly.  At one point the updates tried to force Sufari on some windows users.

Furthermore, iTunes is no longer about helping  you to enjoy and organize your music, like the good old days.  Now iTunes must drag you into to the iTunes music store every time it gets the chance.  I have heard from many users that the genius playlist, recommends 2-3 times more songs from the iTunes music store than from there own collection.  Not to mention the nagging and suggestions every time you start iTunes.

The latest editon of itunes simply didn’t work for many users of the vista operating system.  This is completely stupid of apple and there is no excuse for this.  A company as large as apple with such a large fan base should have tested the hell out of iTunes 8 before it’s launch.  iTunes is simply losing it’s flavor, the younger generation, ie 16 and younger,  no longer need iTunes.  This generation and many more for that matter, are becoming comfortable with their computers and will learn how to live without iTunes.  Many users even those who are not so tech savvy, can now do without the convenience and ease of use that iTunes offers.  There are many solutions that allow us to load music onto ipods outside of iTunes, and also to music out side of the itunes store.

Unless apple makes some big changes iTunes is going down hard, maybe not fast, but definitely hard.  This is a program that cannot survive on it’s current code base.  Much like the 1000 pound man cannot survive on his couch, some one would recommend moving him to a hospital bed.  I would say move him to the gym.  iTunes needs to be completely recoded and redesigned from the ground up.  Until that happens I am just going to keep pounding nails into the coffin of iTunes.  Anyone have a shovel ?

written by Jon